Power Pro Assistants help businesses work smarter, run more smoothly and more productively with the amazing POWER of virtual assistants. Our virtual assistants agency connects clients with the right person for them, and PowerPro Assistants also offer live online courses to train individuals who desire to become virtual assistants themselves.


Virtual Assistants at PowerPro understand the importance of being flexible. Flexibility in the workplace allows the clients and virtual assistants to make arrangements about working conditions that suit them. Being flexible helps the virtual assistant maintain a work-life balance and helps the clients improve the productivity and efficiency of  their business.


Passion, drive, motivation, zeal, call it what you want, it is the self-driven attitude about work that leads to success. Our virtual assistants are filled with passion for developing their skills and are eager to showcase their work.  PowerPro Assistants strive to ensure all projects and tasks are completed to the client’s satisfaction ensuring the work meets best-in-class standards.


PowerPro VA's understand the importance of working with integrity. Integrity for our virtual assistants means choosing the right thing all the time.  Choosing to hold on to their values and principles by exhibiting honesty, trustworthiness, initiative and dependability. Our virtual assistants value strong work ethic and are dedicated to outstanding client service.


Our reliable virtual assistants will manage those day to day tasks, allowing you time to focus on priority and time-sensitive projects. Rely on our experienced virtual assistant to put their skills and knowledge to work for you.  You will be able to promote your business, boost productivity and profits while your VA takes cares of the all of the administrative tasks.


“I work late hours as a Lawyer and rely on my PowerPro assistant to ensure my travel arrangements are made and clients are getting responses via email.  The efficient staff and business-friendly layout helps me make the most of my time."

- Bob Nay -

“As a freelance designer, my office is wherever I go. The PowerPro team affords me the ability to focus on my craft and not the daily administrative controls”


- Max Homestead -

"We can always depend on PowerPro Assistants for high-quality and efficient completion of tasks. They are always our first call when we need projects completed because we trust them to deliver with excellence."


- Masjid Muhammad (Leslie Forgenie) -

December 2017