Becoming a Virtual Assistant

Are you a single parent looking to supplement your income?

Retiree looking for something to do?

Student or recent graduate looking for a new and exciting career?


Your New Exciting Career Starts Here!


Reason why you want to become a Virtual Assistant:

  1. Freedom. Fill in the blank, I want more time to _________. If you're a disciplined, self-starter who needs very little supervision, becoming a VA is the way to go.
  2. Flexibility. You control how much or little you like to work. Sounds good, right? I know I hate having to get up in wee hours in the morning and have to deal with the rush hour.
  3. Office politics. No dealing with a brown-noser, office gossip or favoritism. Becoming a VA will allow you to create your own working environment.
  4. More family time. I was a single mom when I was working in the corporate world, and I dislike that I had to ask for approval from my supervisor to take a day off to attend any of my son's event. Working as a VA affords you the freedom to spend as much time with your family. Never have to miss your son's sports event or your daughter's dance recital!
  5. No more commuting. No one likes sitting in traffic jams during rush hour or dealing with crowds on public transportation. Or, heavy commuting costs.
  6. Work in your pajamas! Want to save money on dry cleaning? You can wear anything you want. Just ensure that you are dressed appropriately when you are on a Video call with your client!
  7. Unlimited Income. Depending on your expertise, you can make from $10 - $30 an hour for your services. Sounds good?
  8. Work anywhere, VIRTUALLY!